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About us

Company nameTAO Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentFebruary 7, 2003
PresidentSakurai Nobuko
Number of EmployeesApprox. 15 people
Capital10 million yen



Nagoya Head Office

Nadia Park Design Center Building 7F
3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku
460-0008 Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture)
TEL +81 (0)52-684-7999

Tokyo Branch

Tensho Office Minami Aoyama
Room S-206
2-4-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,
107-0062 Tokyo
TEL +81 (0)3-6434-5517


Business contents

Video productionProduct introduction video / Promotional video / Corporate video / Video Marketing / Explainer video / Website video / Recruitment video / Multilingual video / Advertisement / School introduction / Hospital introduction / Seminar and event shooting / Editing service / Shooting service
Web productionWebsite design
Desktop publishingCatalog / Pamphlet / Flyer / Graphic design
OthersPhoto shooting / Data conversion service / Planning and management of various events, etc.


Message from the President

Nobuko Sakurai

The company name TAO is derived from Taoism (Tao). It is the spirit of “living in harmony with others and the universe, without conflict”. In the book “Tao Te Ching” which illustrates Laozi’s philosophy, it is said to be soft and supple like water, to surrender yourself without going against the flow.
We would like to be an ever-changing organization who cultivates limitless responsive flexibility, respects each other’s values, and works towards infinite possibilities, with no limit.
Among these, we think it is important to enhance individual strengths. Indeed, we think it is necessary for each employee to make the most of their abilities and to be able to adapt to changing environments, with dynamism and creativity. We believe that a synergy is created when individual and company goals point in the same direction, which allows us to evolve further. I would be happy if TAO becomes a place where every dream comes true, based on daily experience.
As the world is changing rapidly, we create new values, while cultivating our creativity and originality, and we continue to treat our clients with sincerity, doing our best to live up to their trust. We are moving forward with the motto to stay a “company that creates good products”.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Nobuko Sakurai


Corporate Philosophy

Notre idéologie
To create a world filled with joy

Notre mission
To do our best and take responsibility

for the outcome

Notre politique
To work to earn the trust of our clients


Our logo


As with the company name, “Taoism” is also at the origin of the logo.
It expresses a corporate entity that continues to grow, like water, soft and ever-changing, with the spirit of accepting the principles and changes of the universe as they are and living in harmony with it.
In addition, it maintains harmony between powerful elements and delicate lines.
The sharp-angled form fosters innovation that opens up the future.

空色 瑠璃色

Company colors

空色 瑠璃色

“Ultramarine” is a deep purple-tinged blue. The supreme color that has been revered in antiquity, both in the East and the West. It is reminiscent of the calm and mystical depths of the sea.
“Sky blue” is a color name that has been used since ancient times. It is widely used in literary works and is familiar to everyone.
By combining these two blues, it expresses the idea of Taoism, which is to embraces the entire universe. The color blue represents “tolerance”, “intelligence”, “trust” and “peace”.


Vision movie





TAO’s strengths

TAO is
the future of marketing, changing with video. From now on, corporate marketing is able to achieve higher performance and efficiency using video. Because it is such an era, we aim to “move people’s hearts” with the medium of video, and to increase the value of it through a combination of thorough targeting and creativity. From planning to how to use your video, to shooting and editing, our team of professionals will guide you to the best suited solutions to your project. Since all videos are originals and produced by our company, we can effectively achieve excellence. Besides video, we also take care of the creation of various other digital media. When it comes to image, you can rely on TAO.

A constant quality
From preproduction*, to editing, to filming, we take care of every step of video production. TAO is in charge of the quality for the whole production. We make no compromise. Not only do we meet your demands, but we go even further, by creating videos that exceed your imagination. Since we do everything in-house, we can provide high quality video.
* first stage of video production where we will clarify the goal, the concept, the target audience, the delivery date and the budget, but also decide on the content and create the production schedule.

A marketing strategy
Our priority is not only the creative aspect, but also and above all, the achievement of your goals. At TAO, we believe that is where is found the true quality of our work. After careful consideration, we will create a plan that accurately communicates to your target audience and effectively appeals to them.

An extensive track record of over 7,000 creations
We believe that our extensive track record is the result of the satisfaction and trust we gained from our clients. We have worked for several major companies and have experience across a variety of industries, which allow us to meet various demands and needs. Our track record is the proof of our quality.

What makes us different

  1. 想像を超える映像を作ります
  2. 目的や背景を納得いくまでヒアリング
  3. 「マーケティング視点」を持って企画
  4. 7,000件以上の実績
  5. 「お客様の目的を達成」を第一に企画・制作

Videos beyond your imagination

We not only create the work you requested, but we also go further by creating images that exceed your imagination. We make proposals with your best possible future prospect in mind.

We are listening to you

Before we start production, we listen to your goals and story, as well as the image you have in mind. Our veteran director makes sure that the content is in accordance with your vision and perfect it until you are satisfied.

A marketing strategy

When planning, we not only focus on the creative aspect, but also on the marketing strategy to adopt to reach your target audience.

Over 7,000 creations

We have an extensive track record of over 7,000 creations across a variety of industries.

Achieving your goals is our priority

We believe that true quality is found in a video that helps our clients to achieve their goals. We produce videos that communicate clearly to the target audience.



Kohei KawabataProducer

Satoshi OkaDirector

Keishi KondoDirector

Yuki AdachiDirector

Akimine MatsudaDirector

Takahiro IwataDirector

Yuya OkazawaDirector

Takehiro SendaDirector

Anne MartinDirector




For those who are new to video production, it is difficult to understand the cost to produce a video, and many people are worried about how much money will be spent or to which extent the video will be completed. At TAO, we produce the highest quality video, based on the client project and budget.


Points related to production costs

  1. POINT 01

    Are the plan, conception and script of the video prepared by the client? or created by us?

  2. POINT 02

    What will be the total length of the video?

  3. POINT 03

    How many days of shooting and editing?

  4. POINT 04

    Would you like to add narration to the video?


The amount varies depending on these points and the situation.
We listed below reference rates, but please feel free to contacts us, as we can also accommodate rates that fit your budget.
Quotations and appointments are free.


Reference rate

Rate for a day of shooting and a 3-minute video

prices may vary depending on content


Planning – Conception


150,000 yen (tax excluded)

Director – Cameraman – Equipment – Vehicle


140,000 yen (tax excluded)

3-day editing
(including royalty free music, audio mix, and sound effects)


150,000 yen (tax excluded)

Data delivery


20,000 yen (tax excluded)

Production progress management fee


46,000 yen (tax excluded)


À partir de

506,000 yen (tax excluded)



Planning – Conception –

Narration writing


200,000 yen (tax excluded)

Director – Cameraman –

Equipment – Vehicle


140,000 yen (tax excluded)

3-day editing
(including royalty free music, audio mix, and sound effects)


150,000 yen (tax excluded)

Data delivery


20,000 yen (tax excluded)

(including studio fee)


70,000 yen (tax excluded)

Production progress management fee


58,000 yen (tax excluded)



638,000 yen (hors taxes)

About additional costs
  • Additional transportation fee will be charged for shooting outside of Nagoya city (car expenses, expressway and gasoline fee)
  • Actual expenses will be charged for accommodation, expressway and parking fees.
  • Additional fees may be charged depending on the amount of shooting and editing.
  • Production progress management fee (10%) will be charged separately. Production progress management fee include meetings, planning, conception, location scouting, filming arrangements, production progress costs, miscellaneous expenses, etc.



Planning – Conception – Script writing
The plan greatly affects the quality of the video.
After listening to the client’s request, our director puts together a plan that is easy to understand and convey.
We also create a script before shooting which content is completed with the client.

Shooting direction
The shooting takes place at the location chosen during the writing of the script.
It includes a cameraman, lighting crew, camera equipment, lighting equipment, and sound recording equipment.
We offer professional, high-quality photography that fully brings out the original charm of the subject through composition and lighting.

The shooting takes place at the location chosen while writing the script.
It includes a cameraman, lighting crew, camera equipment, lighting equipment, and sound recording equipment.
We offer professional, high-quality photography that fully brings out the original charm of the subject through composition and lighting.

We don’t just connect footage together. By adding design to the video and editing it at a good tempo, so that you don’t get tired of watching it, we create a video “that convey a message” and “that will leave a lasting impression”.

Royalty free music
For our videos, we use high quality music that we select from our company’s royalty free music library.

Production progress management fee
From the briefing session to the delivery, in order to reduce client’s trouble and burden as much as possible, we will secure shooting locations, arrange filming staff and performers, coordinate the production, and proceed according to schedule. We will provide a constant support throughout the entire production process.
Those expenses will be covered under production progress management fee.

Narration writing
When the video requires narration, our director creates a narration script based on the promotional content we got from the client, and that resumes the appealing points pictured in the video.
Once the script is written, we work together with the client to perfect it.

We make a selection among professional narrators we partnered with and choose the most suitable one: man, woman, Japanese, foreigner,
The client can choose to record in a studio or to use an online narrator service to lower the cost.


For companies with limited budgets

At TAO, we create a plan that will meet client needs and stay within the budget.
Even on a limited budget, we guarantee high quality images. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Prices shown do not include tax
  • Prices shown are as of November 2020. Please take note that contents and prices are subject to change without prior notice



  1. STEP 1

    1Briefing session and interview

    At first, we would like to hear your story and the reasons that make you want to create a video. Based on this interview, we clarify issues that need to be settled, and then work out the goals to be achieved, the video planning, and specific measures to be taken.
    Even if you are just considering creating a video “out of curiosity”, you can contact us and we will answer to any of your questions and concerns.
    If you have any materials, logos, pictures, etc., you can share with us, please provide them to us at the briefing session.
  2. STEP 2

    2Location scouting

    Location scouting is a preliminary inspection of a shooting location before the actual shooting.
    Location scouting is not just to check the shooting location, but also to confirm the shooting permit, necessary equipment, shooting method, schedule, etc.
  3. STEP 3

    3Scenario and narration script drafts

    For each video, we create a scenario, also called script. This is when we chose what kind of image to show, as well as the order in which they will be arranged, but also define a concrete narration.
    We then create a storyboard to make the process more straightforward.
    The storyboard is more detailed than the scenario, and shows specific video cuts corresponding to the script.
    Depending on the video planning, the storyboard may not be created.
  4. STEP 4

    4Completion of scenario and narration script / Final quotation

    After completion of the scenario and narration script, we revise the estimation based on the content and submit a final quotation.
    In the case of video production, you are purchasing a product with no visible form, so it is necessary to check thoroughly not only the contents of the proposal, but also the scope of services and rights written in the purchase order and contract.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  5. STEP 5


    The shooting will be done based on the scenario and narration script.
    On the day of shooting, the client is asked to be present to ensure that the content we are filming is according to plan.
  6. STEP 6

    6Video editing starts

    Following the scenario, we start the editing, based on various data such as video footages, pictures, illustrations, and computer graphics.
    Various type of editing can be done, from simple ones, where we just cut the footage to fit the scenario and insert text, to more complex ones, which require more detailed direction and composition work.
    We discuss with the client about the level of completion they expect for the first draft of the editing. In some cases, the client may want to see the final product, with every detail worked out, while in other cases, the client may want to see the structure of the editing before any direction or design is applied.
    At this stage, the narration is a temporary version dubbed by an AI.
  7. STEP 7

    7Video editing check

    The client is asked to confirm the edited video.
    You will be asked to check not only the structure and development of the video, but also the aesthetic and style of graphic designs and background music, the content of the texts, etc.
    At the same time, and upon request, we submit several candidates for the narrator role among whom you can make a selection.
    As there are nuances that are difficult to express with words only, we usually come to the client’s office, or other location, and review the video together. If the client is in a remote area, we may send a DVD or upload the video to a dedicated hosting server for the client to review it.
  8. STEP 8

    8Narration recording, audio post production

    Once the editing is completed, the final touches are made. We record the narration in a studio, select the background music and insert them to the editing, before creating the final sound mix.
    This process is called audio post production.
  9. STEP 9

    9Final check

    Finally, it is time for the final check. It is done once the video is completed.
    If there are any part that differ from the image you had in mind, we correct them. At this stage, only simple corrections are made.
  10. STEP 10


    We deliver the video in the appropriate format according to the broadcast destination and usage of the video.